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We all dream of living as our confident and authentic selves, when we are with horses they don't let us be anything but that. It can be quite the process, but they are completely patient and ready to meet us right where we are at. I always loved horses, but didn't know how deeply they can impact us until my heart horse, Luna, entered my life and changed a lot of my preconceived notions about myself, horsemanship, and the power of a horse/human relationship. 

I grew up riding and working with horses in Alaska, developing experience in english, western, and natural horsemanship. I began volunteering with equine assisted therapy programs through 4H when I was ten and knew that was what I was made to do! Since my first time volunteering I continued to volunteer with various stables throughout my school years and after - while working as a riding instructor. I became certified through EAGALA in 2016 to be able to provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). In 2017 I had the honor of traveling the United States to PRCA Rodeos as Miss Rodeo Alaska. In that time I met some incredible horsemen and horsewomen and subcontracted with multiple stables doing equine assisted therapy. 


In fall of 2018 I moved from Alaska to the Sierra Nevada's of Central California. I currently offer private riding lessons for all ages. Then under the EAGALA model I partner with a mental health specialists and specialize in working with those who have experienced trauma, at-risk youth, and those with autism. I also provide adaptive horsemanship lessons, and partner with physical, occupational, and speech language pathologists to provide Hippotherapy. I am working on becoming a certified yoga instructor and will be providing trauma informed yoga in the future. I know there is healing in the horses and am honored to get to be a part of so many peoples' journeys!

One of my biggest mentors who helped me get to where I am today, believed that horses can communicate heart to heart with us and provide a freedom from the troubles of this world. Even though she has passed now, I have the honor of  seeing her legacy live on as I have the joy of seeing horses create hearts of freedom every day!


I look forward to joining you on your equine journey or path to healing! ~ Michailia Massong