Life is a journey and we are excited that we get to be a part of yours! Whether you are looking to pursue a journey of horsemanship, further the one you have already started, or you are pursuing a path of healing - we want to meet you where you are at, so you can experience true growth and take another step on your journey of being your best self in daily life and as a horseman!
Why Horses?


To survive, horses have to be perceptive, put the herd first, pay attention to small shifts in nonverbal language, and they have the ability to communicate at a heart level with each other and the humans they interact with. Through their ability to meet us where we are at and mirror our emotions they can help us find freedom from the things that hold us back. Through riding/horsemanship lessons, adaptive riding/horsemanship, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAGALA), Hippotherapy, and our other services we get to see the healing power of horses every day. Whether you have always dreamed of learning to ride and form a relationship with a horse, or you are looking for a healing encounter with our magnificent equine partners, we are here for you.

Our Lessons

As a lifelong equine enthusiast my goal is to give lessons that are a fun, safe, yet affordable experience. These lessons focus on how to work with horses on the ground, how to ride, and how to care for our horses properly.  As someone who partners with horses for therapeutic experiences, even our riding lessons will take the time to teach us the many important life lessons horses share with us. These lessons include nonverbal communication, body awareness, patience, focus, timing, kindness, boundaries, and a love for never ending self improvement. With a variety of spaces to ride in we start small - on a line and/or in a round pen, move to an arena or pasture, and eventually ride on trails. Whether private, group, or adaptive, our lessons put the horse, the student, the relationship, good horsemanship, and life growth at the forefront. We offer riding/horsemanship lessons for those of all ages and adaptive riding/horsemanship lessons for those with special needs.

Our Therapeutic Services 

We believe in quality care and that the only ones qualified to offer therapy are therapists. They have the schooling, training, experience, and can work within their scope of practice to safely and fully meet their clients needs. Our top priority is safety and being able to provide care that allows people to truly grow and heal. We have an amazing team of therapists who also have a knowledge of horses, allowing them to safely bring horses and clients together for powerful healing and growth. Each of our partner therapists are fully licensed and either have their own private practice or work under a larger practice. They come together with Hearts of Freedom Horsemanship to be able to offer their services because they know the power of the horse in helping heal. Whether you need therapy for emotional, mental, or physical healing or growth, our horses and therapists will meet each client where they are at.


We offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), a ground based approach to mental health which we are certified for through the global standard - Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association (EAGALA). These sessions are available for individuals, families, and groups. These sessions are facilitated by one or more horses, a mental health professional, and an equine specialist. Horses are sensitive creatures who react to what is right in front of them, therefore they will interact with clients in the moment and help them work through aspects of their life in the safety of the arena and with a therapist to help them. It is experiential and emotionally safe, allowing this model to be excellent for those who have experienced trauma or who don't feel comfortable with traditional talk therapy. We specialize in working with adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma, anxiety or depression, at-risk youth, and those in foster care. 

To learn more about our therapists please go to our "Meet our Partner Therapists" tab.

You can find out more about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at www.eagala.org/model

We also provide a setting for Hippotherapy, a therapeutic modality where Occupational, Physical, and Speech Language Pathologists provide treatment with the help of the horses movement, rhythm, and interaction. This therapy is done in conjunction with the therapists plan of care for their patient. Hippotherapy is an amazing tool in taking therapy sessions to the next level, not to mention they make therapy a lot more fun and engaging! Our horses are evaluated and trained to best facilitate hippotherapy and love their interactions with their clients. Our partner therapists all work within their scope of practice and have equine experience so they understand how to best partner with the horses to help their clients achieve their goals!

To learn more about our therapists please go to our "Meet our Partner Therapists" tab.

Find out more about Hippotherapy at https://americanhippotherapyassociation.org