"Horses touch our hearts in such a way that we find freedom."

Why Horses?


To survive, horses have to be perceptive, put the herd first, pay attention to small shifts in nonverbal language, and they have the ability to communicate at a heart level with each other and the humans they interact with. Through their ability to meet us where we are at and mirror the emotions of our hearts they can help us find freedom from the things that hold us back. Through riding/horsemanship lessons, adaptive riding/horsemanship, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAGALA), Hippotherapy, and our other services we get to see the healing power of horses every day. Whether you have always dreamed of learning to ride and form a relationship with a horse, or you are looking for a healing encounter with our magnificent equine partners, we are here for you.

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Peace in the Pasture


Join us on Tuesday and Saturday mornings for a time of meditation and self reflection in the pasture. Taking lessons from the horse and nature to help increase mental, emotional, and body awareness. Sign up in the Event section of Book Your Equine Connection